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2015 marks a milestone in Responsible Photography collaborations, including 12 years in Morocco, 11 years in Greece, 6 years in Ethiopia and 2 years in Mongolia, plus other places we choose not to publicise and our work in the UK!  Within this time, Gail, her partners and participants have shared different experiences and special moments. We've also seen many changes and developments - some good and some questionable, watched the demise of respect for photographers copyright, rights grabbing photography competitions and the explosion of social media. Going forward, at the heart of what we try to do is to contribute to local income and employment through working with our local partners, to encourage our 'tiny group' ethos (3-5 participants only) and to raise awareness of copyright issues and 'respectful' photography. Regardless of whether you are on a photography holiday or workshop, or any type of holiday, this doesn't automatically give you the right to snap away indiscriminately. Responsible Photography encourages  being considerate and respectful when taking your photographs, and then being thoughtful and careful about what you do with your photographs afterwards.  If this sounds like you, please take a look at our website or get in touch with Gail. 






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Responsible Photography  Holidays








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