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Responsible Photography is tiny, independent and specialist, owner run and managed by the founder Gail Ward.  Gail works together with her local partners and helpers, and everyone is very passionate about what they do. Responsible Photography is not part of any company or organisation. Gail's policy for Responsible Photography advertising is that she very rarely pays to advertise. Instead she relies on personal references and referrals - so if you like what you see, please don't keep us to yourself, please tell your friends, family and colleagues about us. Thank-you so much!  

You will find information about us on a number of online directories -  reciprocal links are shared with some. There are links provided to websites for information, websites Gail likes or websites she hopes will be useful.

Adverts  on this website are not endorsed by Gail unless you see a personal comment alongside. The reason she include some adverts is that it is a way of raising money to help towards running costs  - so far the amounts have not even justified the writing of a cheque by the advertisers!

Surprised not to see Responsible Photography on some of the 'Photography', 'Responsible' or 'Ethical' travel sites? Well the answer is quite simple, many travel directories are 'paid for' directories or are set up by Companies that charge a fee to be on their website, and very often charge not only alot of money but also commission for any sales. For some directories Responsible Photography falls outside their requirements. For example, Responsible Photography is a very tiny owner managed enterprise - and is not a big organisation with a big marketing spend,  nor can Gail afford to pay to be 'vetted' by a commercial organisation whose criteria is most probably geared towards mainstream holiday operators. Gail is aware that the concept for Responsible Photography has been copied, and has written to a number of companies, both in the UK and overseas to ask them to remove text copied (including blatant copying of material from the Responsible Photography Photo Projects) however it is very difficult and time consuming to keep track - one of the downsides of the internet. However, the lovely people who travel, study or get involved with projects alongside Gail are the best people to share what Responsible Photography is all about.

Our purpose has always been to care not only about photography, but about the impact we have on the places we visit and the people we meet, and to work consistently, sharing a love of photography with local partners, communities and projects as well as with clients and education providers. Gail and her partners and friends work together, help each other, and provide intimate experiences for a very small, in fact, tiny, group of participants. It's what Gail set out to do in 2002, and will always continue to do in the future. Gail Ward as well as other independent working photographers, were, in hindsight, probably very niave to overlook the fact that mainstream holiday providers would copy the idea of their photography holiday experiences.   Sadly, some of not only Gail's ideas, but those of other small independent photographers and organisers, have been copied.  Responsible Photography is also dismayed to see tour operators taking large groups of people on a photography holiday - this is voyeuristic and not at all sensitive, respectful - or 'responsible'. Whilst not cause for concern if it is a  very small carefully organised group, Gail is concerned at large groups of photographers on'converted' packages, pitching up, for example, in the 'Djemaa el-fna in Marrakech, or perhaps in a small village, all competitively  snapping away like mad - this is just not acceptable - it is voyeuristic and seriously dilutes the experience for other photographers in the future.

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