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Responsible Photography Holidays

If this is your first visit, a very warm welcome to Responsible Photography. If you are returning, it's great to welcome you back! Responsible Photography is a tiny independent 'collaborative and participatory' photography, cultural and education community, founded by Gail Ward. The aim is  to be ethical, fair and credible, to share different photography activities, projects and workshops,  and to contribute directly to people's livelihoods, to communities and to conservation, educational and local projects.  

Responsible Photography and partners work in  the UK, Ethiopia, Colombia, Morocco, Greece and Asia. As well as enjoying your photography and having fun with like minded participants, you'll get an exceptional firsthand experience of different cultures or ways of life. Some workshops are classroom based and for others you'll need to be a reasonably fit and easy going photographer.

Responsible Photography is made all the more special by Gail's enthusiastic partners, photographers, helpers and special friends who love to co-host and share their personal insights - and you'll find they are keen to find out about your lives too.

Guidance and help with your photography is structured around individual ability and interest. To make sure a responsible photography experience is right for you, talk through your expectations with Gail. Also have a look at some of the lovely comments received from participants and a few of their photographs, 'Word of mouth' is the most credible recommendation, as is the fact that people have participated more than once - even joining the same photography workshop twice (that's what happens when you really want that elusive shot!).

Contact:   email (@) responsiblephotography (dot) org  or  Skype Responsible Photography


Responsible Photography - collaborative and participative photography

At Responsible Photography   we care not only about your  photography, but equally about the impact we all have on the people we meet and the locations we photograph. Through your participation with Responsible Photography Holidays, we try to contribute directly to communities and towards peoples'  livelihoods and jobs - read about how

Responsible Photography Holidays, Photography Workshops and Weekends offer different photo-study experiences, in relaxed and informal environments, that are run by Gail and her Associate Photographers, all of whom share similar values and working principles.  If you would like to participate please get in touch with Gail to  find out more - you'll need to check and book as early as you can because places are limited, usually just 3-5 participants - most people hear about RPH through 'word of mouth'. 

If you are really new to the hobby of photography and would like to learn the basics and become more confident, then join Gail and have fun with your camera on a 'Beginners Photography Workshop' in either Great Britain or Morocco - you'll get instruction, photography sessions and lots of help.

Responsible Photography partners with communities
and people who benefit directly from income generated through your participation with Responsible Photography Holidays

If you would like to participate please get in touch with Gail at Responsible Photography to  find out more - you'll need to check and book as early as you can because places are limited, just 3-5 participants. Most participants hear about Responsible Photography Holidays through 'word of mouth'.

Gail Ward is a photographer and writer and the founder of Responsible Photography - collaborative and participatory photography, involved with campaigns, education, photo-study and photo projects for people of different ages and abilities -

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