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Continuing for 2016, at the heart of Responsible Photography Holidays is the aim to 'share and enjoy a photography experience with a tiny number of participants, contribute to local income and employment through working with local partners and collaborations, facilitate photo projects, encourage and mentor young photographers, raise awareness of copyright issues and responsible photography'. All locations and content are researched and developed by Gail Ward with her Responsible Photography Partners, who would like you to enjoy the whole experience, not just your photography.  To find out more please get in touch with Gail.


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2015 marked a milestone for Responsible Photography collaborations - 12 years facilitating photography holidays in Morocco, 11 years of photography holidays in Greece, 6 years of photography holidays in Ethiopia and 2 years of photography holidays in Mongolia -  and the projects and activities in the UK!  Within this time, Gail, her partners and participants  shared many different experiences and special moments, saw many changes and developments, and between us all, took quite a few photographs!  We also continued to watch the demise of respect for photographers' copyright, the increase in rights grabbing photography competitions and the debates around social media use. The year concluded with Responsible Photography winning a Creative Tourism Award - for Best Creative Experience 2015. 

Photography Holidays in Ethiopia, Greece, Mongolia, Morocco, Great Britain and guest destinations with Award winning Responsible Photography Holidays

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