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Responsible Photography - collaborative and participative photography

Gail Ward Photography - link
Gail Ward Photography - Portfolio
The Association of Photographerslink
British Copyright Council - link
Photography Competitions - Rights on List
The photography directory project - link

Gail joined a panel at World Travel Market in November 2013 - fast forward to 31.30 to hear what she had to say.

Photo Books - a photo book is a great way to showcase your favourite photographs, or to share them with friends and family. Gail and many of Responsible Photography participants have made photo books using Blurb Books. Blurb can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be, but if you haven't made a photo book before, Gail's advice is to size your photographs carefully, use the standard templates and take your time, then check your book carefully before ordering.

Causes, Concerns, Conservation and Education

Protection of Children in Tourism - campaign

Ecpat - End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and the Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes

Tourism Concern - Fighting Exploitation in Tourismlink

Code of Conduct - protecting children - link

International Porter Protection Group - link

Born Free Ethiopian Wolf Campaign - link

Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Programme - link

A-cet - Education Ethiopians to develop Ethiopia - link

Travel Health Advice

To make the most of your trip abroad, check out the Foreign & Commonwealth Office website at

FCO on Facebook - British abroad - link

NHS fit for travel - Travel Health info for UK travellers

National Health Network and Centre - Travel Health News and Advice

Medical Advisory Service for Travellers Overseas - MASTA

Department of UK Health - link

NHS Direct UK - link

NHS Healthcare Abroad - link

Travelling with CHILDREN - link

European Health Insurance Card - EHIC

Smartraveller - The Australian Government's travel advice and consular info - link

Safe Travel - New Zealand Government travel information - link

Travel Updates for Canadians Abroad - link

Travel Health Information for Canadians - link

Travel Health Information for USA Citizens - link

Airlines, Hotels, Travel Guides, Maps and Books

Ethiopian Airlines

Royal Air Maroc

easyjet  - please check all the additional costs carefully. 

Ryanair - please contact us before booking with Ryanair as in most RP destinations, internet access is difficult and it will not be possible to print a boarding pass or check in online. Please check all the additonal costs carefully.

Country Connect Tourist Office Directory- Holiday Destination and Travel Guide

Travel Advice - don't forget to check out our Travel and Health Advice links

  • Australians - Smartraveller - The Australian Government's travel advice and consular info - link
  • Americans - Travel Health Information for USA Citizens - link
  • British - Foreign and Commonwealth Office - travel advice
  • British - LOCATE register for Britains abroad - FCO
  • British - FCO on Facebook - British abroad - link
  • Canadians - Travel Updates for Canadians Abroad - link
  • Canadians - Travel Health Information for Canadians - link
  • New Zealanders - Safe Travel - New Zealand Government travel information - link

Social Media

Responsible Photography have joined in with the online social community - on facebook and twitter, where you will find ocassional postings,  news and updates. What you won't find is the posting of photographs - these are only on Responsible Photography websites where photographs are protected by © and IPP. If you do add a photograph to an online website or community, PLEASE make sure you check out the site Terms & Conditions and remember that it is very important to © COPYRIGHT your photograph.  Please make sure you have permission to post or share any photographs online - and please think twice before you post photographs of people you have photographed  during your holiday; you may not have their permission to use or share their photography. Please also ask the question 'would the person want their photograph posted online on a social media website"?  Possibly not.

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