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Responsible Photography encourages collaborative and participative photography through facilitating photo study, photo activities and photo projects, in addition to raising awareness of photographers rights and campaigns that respect the rights of children.

Gail and her partners are collecting Digital Cameras for photo projects and photography activities, and also for some of the communities we collaborate with to use.  Digital cameras that are 6 megapixels or above, in good working condition, together with leads, batteries and a memory card would be ideal. Cameras that are suitable for people with visual impairments are especially welcome.  Arts and craft materials are also very useful, and, a BIG request - can anyone help by donating a laptop?  Please get in touch with Gail if you can help.

Read more about Responsible Photography Photo Projects and please get in touch if you would like to be involved with sponsorship of a photo project.

The Founding Principles  of Responsible Photography are all about involving people and communities. Responsible Photography partners, guides and helpers are all encouraged to get involved with Responsible Photography and participate as much as possible. In fact, a couple of the 'team' are really keen and you'll see some of their photos on this website - not only are they developing a very good eye, but they are also very good at catching you unawares! Inevitably people move on and this has already happened with some of our helpers at Responsible Photography, who certainly enjoyed the opportunity to take their own photographs. The decision was taken not to ask them to return cameras they had been using, but to continue enjoying photography in their new job/life.

Responsible Photography Photo Projects are just as important. Important because local people - young and old - who may not otherwise have the opportunity, can get their hands on a camera and take their own photographs. For Gail, the basis of the photo projects is that they are not only fun, but that they give people the chance to photograph where they live through their own eyes.  Setting up the photo projects, the logistics and planning, collecting everything needed, plus trying to get support, funding and sponsorship is not straightforward. There are cultural differences, organisational issues, different opinions and lots of other challenges to overcome. For more information about the projects please visit Responsible To get in touch with Gail, offer help or sponsorship please email.

A Responsible Photography  Photo Project won the Green Web Awards Kids & Young People Category 2009

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If you do not have a local independent book shop, then Waterstones are one of the few bookshops that you can still find on the high street - they sell photography books, travel books and maps (and also often support photography and art exhibitions in their cafe!).

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 Corporate Sponsors, funding and support

For Companies or Organisations who are genuinely interested in what we do,  there are long term rewards in involving your staff, and even your customers, through sponsoring a Responsible Photography photo project. It's no small thing to make a commitment on behalf of your Company so regular news and updates on the progress that is being made as a result of your support to a photo project is provided. A good way to share these updates with your employees and customers is via the Company intranet, magazine or newsletter.

If your Company is interested in making a powerful, positive and pro-active impact on the lives of children and communities who are trying to make something of their lives, please email Gail directly or call her for further information and to discuss how you can help.

Responsible Photography Photo-Study and Activities in the UK

Please refer to the Responsible Photography website or contact Gail for information about Responsible Photography photo study days and activities for individuals, schools and groups. Gail works not only with children and young people, but with adults of all ages and ability, including people with disability or learning challenges. You'll  also find information about UK photography workshops. photo-study days and weekends.

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